HweeYen Ong


Singapore, Si


Art Prints

A traveler, photographer, artist, and sometimes writes stuff..

The pictures tell of my travels, my sentiments, my stories, my sightings, my wonder at the infinite possibilities of mother earth.. and of man. I hope they inspire one to head for the wilderness. And to experience the beauty of it all and make your own memories.

My webpage where it all began, and the record of my wanderings :)

I also self-print giclee prints upto A3, check out my etsy or artfire shops.

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Lake Abstract by Yen


Dreams - Girl at Angkor Wat by Yen


Destiny by Yen


Icelandic 9 - Serene by Yen


Untitled 12 by Yen


Untitled 11 by Yen


The Rock by Yen


Untitled 3 by Yen


Untitled 7 by Yen


Untitled 5 by Yen


Untitled 6 by Yen


Akureyri by Yen


Jubilation - Joseph Isaac Schooling by Yen


Homesick III by Yen


Kingdom of Temples by Yen


Leaves Imagery by Yen


Seeds of Lotus by Yen


Koi Flux by Yen


Sunset Church by HweeYen Ong


Window on Fire by Yen


Untitled 10 by Yen


Untitled 9 by Yen


Untitled 8 by Yen


Blooming Happiness by Yen


The Way by Yen


Untitled 2 by Yen


Untitled 1 by Yen


Pink Thoughts by Yen


Autumn at Hallasan by Yen


Japanese Wedding Couple by Yen


Untitled 4 by Yen


Cang Lang Ting by Yen


Yolk by Yen


O Cebreiro by Yen


Suzhou Gardens by Yen


West Lake by Yen


Uneven by Yen


Juxtaposition by Yen


Windows of the Heart by Yen


Haenyo by Yen


Tian Zi Fang by Yen


Those were the days by Yen


A Backstreet in Cordoba by Yen


Autumn Crescendo by Yen


Soulful by Yen


Mornington Pier by Yen


Winter Wonderland by Yen


Tea at Boathouse by Yen