HweeYen Ong


Singapore, Si


Art Prints

A traveler, photographer, artist, and sometimes writes stuff..

The pictures tell of my travels, my sentiments, my stories, my sightings, my wonder at the infinite possibilities of mother earth.. and of man. I hope they inspire one to head for the wilderness. And to experience the beauty of it all and make your own memories.

My webpage where it all began, and the record of my wanderings :)

I also self-print giclee prints upto A3, check out my etsy or artfire shops.

For other queries, e-mail me.


The Chef by Yen


Jello by Yen


Fallen Floral by Yen


Bridge Stop by Yen


Secret Garden by Yen


Cherry Blossoms Tree by Yen


Sun Moon by Yen


Swan Lake by Yen


Fallen Petals by Yen


Turner Weather by Yen


Colour At Work by Yen


Purple Rain by Yen


Vintage Port by Yen


Splashy Day by Yen


Under The Museum Sky by Yen


Light And Smoke by Yen


Impressionist Morning by Yen


Magical Fall by Yen


Bamboo Abstract by Yen


Maple Dreams by Yen


The Path by Yen


Cherry Blues by Yen


Cherry Pink by Yen


White Blossoms by Yen


Kyoto Dream by Yen


Sun Dance by Yen


Jeju Boats by Yen


Highway City by Yen


The Un-Beloved Singapore Institution by Yen


Dancing Bin by Yen


Wet Flyer Day by Yen


Pink City by Yen


Reykjavik by Yen


A Dog's End by Yen


Seobinbaeksa Beach by Yen


Floral Sunset by Yen


The Beauty of Idleness by Yen


Autumn at Hallasan by Yen


Backpack on the Edge by Yen


Postcard from Jeju by Yen


Lullaby by Yen


Stone Walking by Yen


Jeju Sunset by Yen


Koi by HweeYen Ong



Fairies by HweeYen Ong


Lake Whispers by HweeYen Ong


Peony Dance by HweeYen Ong


Secret River by HweeYen Ong